Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
The Sacred Heart Rosary Sodality will set up for the sale Friday, October 29 in the parish hall after the 8:00 a.m. Mass.
The Sacred Heart Adult Ed Class will meet on Tuesday, October 26 1:30-3:00. Mark your calendar now and join us then!
~ Tom Padberg and Gene LaViolette
The Parish Picnic (of the two Parishes), held on the beautiful Sacred Heart grounds this past weekend was a huge success and brought so many together to enjoy one another’s company, make some new acquaintances, and enjoy a wonderful picnic meal together—loads of great dishes to share and delicious 1/3 pound burgers and 1/4 pound beef hot dogs (donated by Eric DeBuysser and family from Gordon Foods), prepared by our great Knights of Columbus guys!  What’s not to like about it all!  Fun games, face-painting, balloon art (Heather, again), two bounce options for the kids, as well as a basketball bounce game.  I think the last ones to leave (other than the same workers as always) were the kids!  They had a blast!  Oh, and free snow cones and those were enjoyed by more than just the kids.

Thanks to the joint Parish Council members who helped put it all together, hosted and cleaned up as well.  We could not have done it without your time and effort and planning.  Bless those same people who always step forward. It could not have been better organized.  People from St. Jude who were part of the committee could not get over just how great Sacred Heart’s people are at knowing how to perfectly set up and host an event in their parish facilities.  Kudos to them, especially.

And many thanks to the HASA members from St. Jude School.  More hands, less work!

We had so many great compliments from so many parish members from each parish on how wonderful the event was and so many “thanks” from people to all who made it possible.  A lot of planning and work, but worth it when we see how much good it did for people to come together as parishes and enjoy what Covid has prevented for far too long. I’m sad, as always, for those who didn’t come, or were unable to attend due to conflicts; you missed a great parish gathering and a part of what it means to be “a parish family.”  In this case, extended family, as we brought two great parishes together.    Thanks too, to each and all who brought such delicious covered dishes to share and more desserts than could be eaten.  They didn’t go to waste, to be sure!  Some to the teacher’s lounge on Monday, some no doubt to Our Lady of the Road or similar.~Fr. John
Income: $ 11,164.00
Expenses $ 5,080.99
Profit $ 6,083.01

We served 881 Adults 48 Children Sacred Heart kudos to all who helped with this annual fundraiser! We couldn’t have done it without you! A tip of the hat goes to Roger Mathia, Jr. who continues to be our interim overseer ~ huge thanks!
The Altar & Rosary Sodality has their annual Holiday Decor Garage Sale in the Fall and would be grateful for any donations!  Whether you’re down-sizing, having your own garage sale or just doing regular spring cleaning, if you have “stuff” to donate bring it to the church and put it in the Hall or the church basement after the Mass you attend OR call Anne Orlowski (289-6038) and she’ll arrange for pick-up!