Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
Sacred Heart News and Thanks:
Looking forward to another famous/delicious Sacred Heart Parish Summer Fish Fry. Delicious salads —all homemade, desserts, also homemade, and great fish and fries!

Thanks to the Olson's, Don and Nancy, for once again hosting (what has been an annual) gathering at their riverfront home in MIshawaka, for the Sacred Heart Choir (and this time including the Parish Pastoral Council) this past Sunday. It was a lovely day on the river, the food wonderful (potluck and much provided by the Olson's) and cruises up and down the river--always a treat! Thanks for being such gracious hosts, Don and Nancy.

From July 6-10 we had 70 children involved in a very successful Vacation Bible School program here at St. Jude. Through skits, interactive Bible lessons, games, songs, and crafts, they learned about the power of God to provide, comfort, heal, forgive, and love. Each day our generous staff was met with big smiles and open hearts. On top of this, thanks to the cooperative efforts of parishioner and Director of Lindenwood Retreat Center, Chris Thelen, around 30 high schoolers were able to serve as leaders. These students from Ohio and Illinois provided a joyful witness to our VBS goers and also helped do a significant amount of janitorial work (much to the thanks of Jerry and Cory!) around the church and school. We praise God for all the lives and hearts touched in this week.

Along with the aforementioned regarding the wonderfully programed VBS, I want to particularly and individually give thanks to Lisa Braun, who has been the driving force behind this program the last few years. If it were not for her tenacity in overcoming some obstacles in the past, and her desire to see it happen for the sake of the children involved (a growing number each year), I am not sure we would be boasting of the success of this summer's program. Thanks Lisa!

- Fr. John 
A Provocative statement from Fr. Schall, SJ:

". . . the relatively sudden appearance of religion not primarily as worship or doctrine, but as social activism, has been not a little perplexing. Numerous sympathetic critics, many of the faithful, and interested observers sense that something is occurring with vast and unsettling implications for the well-being of the public order and for religion itself. They are not at all sure, however, that what is happening is itself in the best interests of religion or of the poor and outcast for whom it is said to be occurring."

- Fr. John 
The Vocations Office of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend invites you to "Come & See", a 3-day overnight discernment retreat. Beginning Thursday, July 23 at 3:30 p.m. and continuing through Saturday, July 25 until 2:30 p.m. at St. Vincent de Paul in Fort Wayne. The retreat is open to high school sophomores and older and there is no cost to attend. Overnight accommodations will be provided at the University of St. Francis for all participants and chaperones. Registration forms are available at the parish office or visit

For questions please contact Christine at the Vocation office at 260-422-4611.
Priests' Retreat: We had a wonderful retreat and retreat director; an Irishman, from Manchester, England, and one who, when speaking, was someone we could have listened to for much longer than each talk given. I wish we could ever have him for a Parish Mission. No one would miss a night and everyone would be glad to hear him speak for no less than an hour each evening! Its just that the flying him here is a little out of the question. An added perk: the Irish Brogue was great!

An interesting quote from His Holiness, Francis: In Brazil, leading the bishops in an examination of conscience, he asked: "Do we give the laity the freedom to continue discerning, in a way befitting their growth as disciples, the mission that the Lord has entrusted to them? Do we support them and accompany them, overcoming the temptation to manipulate them or infantilize them?"