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Summer time is so busy with cookouts, graduation parties, birthday events, or just getting out and doing stuff in the yard.  It is a perfect time to "make time" for the Lord using short devotionals to keep your soul life in focus, interspersed during the day in those moments of quiet.

The Diocesan Office of Worship will be hosting a "Mornings of Reflection" for liturgical ministers on Saturday, June 22, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at St. Monica Church, 222 W Mishawaka Ave, Mishawaka.


They are off on their honeymoon seeing parts of EU, including a visit to the Eternal City, where (taking her wedding dress along) they hope to participate in a papal blessing offered (apparently) to newlywed couples who arrive before the Holy Father dressed in their wedding attire. 

This feast is the “closing out” of the Easter Season and celebrates the Overwhelming experience of God pouring out the Spirit upon the Apostles! The color of vestments and decorations is red which symbolizes the intense love and fire of the Holy Spirit!
This important collection is vital to our diocesan efforts to educate our Diocesan Seminarians.

If you are unable to contribute this week, please bring your contribution in the Pentecost Collection envelope and place it in the offertory basket at the next Mass you attend, or feel free to donate online, at the diocesan website:

Thank you for your generous support for seminarian education!

A letter from our bishop: