Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
The Gazebo:  I know I have spoken of the new gazebo only weeks ago, but I continue to be edified by those couples, individuals, and families, who will stop by the church on a given afternoon or evening (whenever) and use the gazebo as a time for prayer and the recitation of the Rosary.  I’ve seen young couples enjoying the swing that is in the gazebo and I can only assume they use the time either for prayer together or simply talking to each other—hopefully about growing their relationship.
The Two Parish Councils (SJ and SH) are already talking about a Fall picnic as we had last year, again held on the beautiful grounds at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.  A thought that came to me was, during this coming year where the Church wishes to renew our devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, it would be wonderful prior to the picnic time, to have a Holy Hour and Exposition (even outside) where whomever could come early and spend time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  Just a thought and maybe something we could further consider. . . .

As always, we look to the Fall for an ideal picnic time and pray for a perfect day like the one we had last year.  There were over 200 from the two parishes in attendance and SO many families. The Children especially had fun with the things available for them to do. 
Our Deacon for the Summer:  by now most all who have been faithful in their attendance at weekend Mass, even though there are many weekends when people must be away and attend elsewhere, you have probably seen or even met personally, Deacon David Langford.  Deacon David will be with us through July, primarily at St. Jude where he was assigned for the summer by Bishop.  But surely, we will also have to have him for a weekend at Sacred Heart too!  You will enjoy his youthful presence and kind and warm personality. Please take the time to introduce yourself. His Diaconate is what is called a “transitional diaconate” which means he will be going on next June to holy priesthood, please, God. Know too that to be ordained to the Diaconate is in fact one of the seven Sacraments, just as is priesthood.  Some may have also encountered in other parishes permanent Deacons, who most often are married men, working in the secular realm oftentimes (or retired), who have given themselves to the special ministry of the Diaconate.  We have some preparing presently for this valued role within the diocese.

Speaking of Ordinations:  my own family is so very proud to have been blessed to have one of our family members, my cousin, ordained to Holy Priesthood.  I’m sure there will be an article in Today’s Catholic as well as some pictures.  His First Mass (too) was one of the most meaningful and beautiful liturgies I’ve ever attended. Special to us for obvious reasons, but also so very clearly prayerful, devout, and filled with love for Our Lord.  For those interested, you can actually view Fr. Mark Hellinger’s First Mass at  The homily given by our diocesan vocation director (too) was one of the best I’ve ever heard given by any priest or bishop, though particularly directed to Fr. Mark and the meaning of his priesthood for the church.  The Mass took place at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Fort Wayne with much of the church filled.
The on-line directory for the two parishes:  some years ago, Karen Kelley from Sacred Heart Parish inaugurated the On-Line Directory for the two parish communities and we made a big push then to get as many pics of people/families into the directory, along with up-to-date addresses or e-mails, phone numbers (of those comfortable with having them on-line, though only our members can access them).
It is time to make that “Push” again. So many addresses have changed, different carriers for e-mail addresses, switching from land lines to only cell numbers, and current pics of individuals, couples, or families (close-ups of the faces in a reasonably small frame) to fit into the format for the directory.
If you have not provided a picture or an update, please do so, by simply sending a digital format to Carol, our secretary, or to me.  Either of us can get the updates into the directory.
It is SO helpful for us (on staff, and as caring members of the parish of one another) to be able to put names and faces together.  Please, help us in this important matter.

Parish Council, St. Jude and Sacred Heart:  in the past couple of months, we have had both  (long-time) Parish Council Presidents/Chairpersons retire from their number of years serving on the Council and in that capacity.  Yolanda Hahn from          St. Jude Parish and Dee Milzarek from Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.  I want to take this moment to thank them both for their generous and very profound service to the two parishes over these past years.  Much has been accomplished under the leadership of each for the good of the two parishes, as well as times where their joint efforts were instrumental in bringing the two parishes together for various events.  Bless you both for your love for your respective parish, as well as for the Church as a whole.  No pastor can serve well without many, many committed and caring parishioners who serve too in varied roles within the parish—staff and volunteers most often make the pastor look much better than he really is!  (Smile, please).~Fr. John
The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be Friday, June 24th. Fr. Greg will celebrate Mass at 6 p.m. outside at Sacred Heart.

The  Sacred Heart Altar & Rosary Sodality has their annual Home Goods & Holiday Decor Sale in the Fall and would be grateful for donations!  Whether you’re down-sizing, having your own garage sale or just doing regular spring cleaning, we need items in good usable condition. Please bring them to the church hall or drop off in the church basement before or after Masses.
We are not able to accept large items at this time as we do not have the space to store them.

Call Anne Orlowski 574-289-6038 or Barb Lemanski 574-784-2738 for arrangements to drop off items at the hall.
Vendors are needed for the Craft Fair at Sacred Heart of Jesus Saturday, October 15th.

Please contact Barb 784-2738
The Rosary Walk (St. Jude):  we are pleased to tell you about the new Rosary Walk that is around the gazebo.  It is an Eagle Scout project, done very nicely, by Dalton McCarty.  The area within the walk will eventually be mulched (rather than grass) and planted with some flowering bushes or ornamentals that will remain small in size. With Dalton, the Knights of Columbus have been a great help (and source of financing) for some of the finishing touches.  Many thanks to both Dalton and our Knights.

Parishioners are always welcome to bring the family to sit in the gazebo, pray the Rosary together, or walk the beads on the new Rosary Walk, or Living Rosary as some may refer to it.  There is also a swing (for gentle swinging only) in the gazebo that two can enjoy while praying the Rosary together.

We will want to hire a new maintenance person, certainly before next school year, but much sooner, should we be able to find someone.  Cory, who had been with us for some years now, has made a career change to work in the manufacturing market. We thank him for his years of service here and wish him well in his future work. He will also be helping with coaching at Marian HS.
The position is ideal for anyone who may want to consider a second job after retirement from something else.  Please pass the word around and help us/you find a good person to help maintain our campus.  Concern for the parish is something that is all our work.  Staff are merely administrators for our parish.  The days of the pastor running the show have been a myth for a long time now! LOL. That’s why we hire good people, competent people, for important positions.  I’m not a business manager nor a principal, nor a buildings and grounds maintenance person, nor a musician.  Much must be entrusted to those well-trained for the varied positions that must be filled in any parish. Your help in finding such people is always important.
Seminarian, Deacon:  We are pleased to announce that as of Memorial Day Weekend, we will have at St. Jude Parish, a newly ordained Deacon assigned to us for the bulk of the summer months.  Since I cannot yet announce his name, he will be introduced to you at Masses on the holiday weekend. Please welcome him and congratulate him on his Ordination to the (transitional) Diaconate as he continues towards Priesthood in June of 2023.~Fr. John
Memorial Day Masses

Monday, May 30
8:00 a.m. at Sacred Heart
9:00 a.m. at St. Jude
(no 5:30 p.m. Mass that day)