Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
Deacon David Langford:  as Deacon David told the congregations on the weekend of the 23/24th, it was his last weekend here and Thursday was his last day here (of the week that followed).  We want to thank him for his time with us, though his time was busy with many other assignments away from the parish, and we wish him well in his final year ahead as he prepares for Holy Orders (again) in Priesthood.  Our prayers go with him as we continue to pray for vocations in the parish each weekend at Mass and often include prayers for the seminarians, sometimes by name, in our Universal Prayers at Mass. 
We continue too, to be very proud of Deacon Bobby Krisch, from our own parish of St. Jude, and in a special way, continue to support him with our prayers as he too moves towards holy Priesthood this coming June.  When it comes time for his first Mass to be celebrated in his home parish, I know the church will be filled and the prayerful support great!

If you wish to reach Deacon David or Deacon Bobby in the year ahead, you may direct mail to: Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, 16300 Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.  If you lose the address, you may call the office too for the information at any time.
Charity vs Tolerance: in a recent article in Our Sunday Visitor, Msgr. Pope responded to a questions posed him about the difference between Christian charity and tolerance. The response was both interesting and helpful, and in layman’s understanding when many today are struggling with what they believe, stand by, feel is moral and acceptable, and being politically correct when among others who think differently. PC being something that culture has forced upon us, not always in a palatable way, and if you hold to being Catholic, Christian, believing, etc., you are almost ridiculed by many for being so. Not just my thoughts, but what I hear echoed by so many nowadays who are struggling with the way the world is, so divided, especially in matter of religion and politics, and morals.
“Charity, tolerance and kindness have become muddled.”  Kindness is an aspect of charity, but then too, charity also may call for rebuke.  Tolerance is a feature of love, but so is insisting on what is right.  “We cannot reduce love to mere kindness and mere tolerance.”  Love does not mean I approve everything you do and never offer any rebuke or correction—or even a solid and clear statement of where you stand and why. I’m sure parents struggle with this and how to do it well frequently, which likely has something to do with the contrast of being a parent or trying to be a best friend. Which really constitutes love?
You may want to go to the OSV website and read the entire response in their August 6 issue.  It is something to think over with seriousness. 

As Christians, we are still to be a leaven in the world, and not simply patronizing every whim or trend that comes along, or so-called progressive thinking. ~Fr. John