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In follow-up to last week: while I received a number of favorable comments about last week’s too-short-for-the-issue article regarding the matter of abortion, I know too that there were likely those who would simply walk away from the topic, shaking their heads and unhappy.  I’m not naïve and always try, as in any matter, to be reasonably well-read on both sides of an issue (something I find most right or left rarely do in more political matters), rather only feeding on “news” from their chosen side of the fence. But that gets into another topic for another conversation.

I was reading in America Magazine (granted a more liberal publication), commentary on both sides of the matter of Roe v Wade, and what I agree with (not abortion as a final choice) is that as pro-life people, we must always be very conscious of the trauma, pain, and struggle of one who is pregnant and under the most difficult of circumstances, and while encouraging the care for the life of the unborn, BE there for them to help them through the pregnancy. It seems the well-healed will always have the care and help they need, but the poor may not. “Women’s Health Care” as some want to title it, should be properly seen as not in support of abortion, but in true care (emotionally, physically) of the woman with child. The life within is STILL a child and human, if allowed to be born, it will not come forth as a giraffe or Great Dane! At the same time, if rape or incest or some other traumatic experience brings about a pregnancy, that person is going to need support and medical (pre-natal) care, etc.  Yes, the Church and her many agencies have always made huge efforts to provide that, but still many others either do not find that agency, turn to it, or for whatever reason, do not take advantage.  Being sympathetic, understanding, caring, compassionate and not treating it all as if it is so simplistic, will always be part of the responsibility of the pro-life advocate, in the name of Jesus Christ.  I read and hear both sides as I try to do with political issues, and I seek to understand both sides and what is the truth that lies sometimes in-between. Hopefully, we all do so. 
As I did say last week, for many, there is a lack of understanding (medically and otherwise) of the issues involved, and that too may be a starting place for many.

Deacon David Langford:  This weekend’s reading of the bulletin will be the last weekend Deacon David will be with us.  From here, he goes on to what the Seminarians fondly refer to as “Lake Week”.  It is a week spent at the diocesan property (Noll Hall) on Lake Wawasee, together as a group, relaxing, and praying (eating and drinking), before their respective returns to the seminaries where they are studying.
We wish great success and good ongoing discernment to Deacon David, along with all our current seminarians, in this year ahead.  Our prayers—as we have prayed weekly and more—for vocations, go with David, Bobby, and all currently in seminary.  We continue to pray for more to look to this way of life and vocation, for the great good of our diocese and many parishes.
As many of you either read or are otherwise aware (apart from bulletin articles of the past), I will be going with others, to the Diaconate Ordination of Sam Anderson (who was with us two years ago) as well as Zane (another studying in Rome at North American College), who will be Ordained this September 29, Thursday, in St. Peter’s Basilica—along with many others from across the US, who are that same class.  As I told Sam, “not a bad venue either!”  What a joy it will be to be with Sam and Zane on that special day in their life, and also with my cousin, now a priest as well, who will also be back there for his final year of studies.  Both he and I will be able to concelebrate the Ordination. Another added joy and privilege! There will be about 5 days of celebration and visiting that will surround that Sacramental moment, but of course, having gotten that far (and at the cost nowadays of getting there), I will stay on (actually, go early-on) and take in some more of the experiences of being in EU.  Another tough assignment. LOL. With Fr. Mark Hellinger’s mother (my first-cousin) and her sister and a few others, (my suite-mate, Fr. Tony Steinacker), we will be doing a Rhine River Cruise, and additional three days in Prague. It hopefully will all go well, safely, with good health, and a great experience.  Fr. Mike Mathews will be at St. Jude for weekends during that time away and Fr. Greg here for weekdays and with the school children for Masses. Looking forward!~Fr. John