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Since the reversal of the law regarding abortion which put the matter back in the hands of the voter and respective States, there has been much joy among many and rage among others. Regardless of one’s beliefs on the matter, the Justices made it clear that the previous law (Roe v Wade) has no place in true Constitutional Law and therefore never should have  been a “law of the land.”  The freedoms protected by Constitutional Law do not provide for the murder of a child in the womb by a mother who ~ for whatever reason ~ should want to terminate their pregnancy.  Prayers have been answered of these many years as well as true justice served in this decision.  The matter returns to the States and the voters within, and please God, people will see the horrific murder of innocent and defenseless children within the wombs as the wrong that it is.
At the same time, we are all aware of many situations to where a woman with child may not want to be pregnant with her child—people cite rape, poverty, health, personal inconvenience, and a host of other reasons why they want to be able to “choose” (take license) over their situation—oftentimes a sad situation.  However, two wrongs have never made a right—nor do they give a person a right to take the life of one who cannot even defend themselves.  In so many situations of life, bad things happen to good people, and there will be some who feel to become pregnant under tragic circumstances makes that pregnancy a bad thing.  The reality of life is that we often have to live with the results of our mistakes or the misbehavior of others around us. It is part of life, but in no way does it provide for the murder of innocent life—which science (the god for some) tells us in no uncertain terms is a human life.  As a child within the womb continues to grow and is eventually born, it IS a child, and nothing less! That process of LIFE begins with conception.  To do away with that life, saying it should be the choice of the mother, is still the taking a human life and not a privilege that should be anyone’s. 
I would encourage all to read the statement from Bishop Rhoades that can be found on line, in Today’s Catholic (the issue that came out immediately after the Supreme Court decision).  Read too the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  To take the life of the unborn child is an intrinsic evil. 
We will likely never be free of those who feel abortion should be a “right” but we should also be joy-filled that the law of our land no longer supports this evil. 
Another point that should be raised is how many who support abortion are totally confused about what IS an abortion and are often feeding the protesters with misinformation.  For example, if one has a tubal pregnancy.  It has always been the case that such is dealt with (for the sake of the mother’s life) with a medical procedure, but that procedure is not an abortion.  And the medical procedure done to help that woman is one where intention and means are not to end the life of the child within, but to do a resection that would correct the condition—and yes, the child would die—but not by
intention of the procedure.  More can be learned about this by simply speaking with a competent medical person.
Another misunderstanding held by more than I was aware has to do with when a woman might have a miscarriage.  The D&C that must follow is not an abortion, but again, a necessary medical procedure.  It does not take the life of the child. 
This is a discussion that could and would go on for a long time, but clearly, more education on the part of people who have the ability to vote, to demonstrate, and even to “choose”, is greatly needed. Abortion is and always will be an intrinsic evil and an unacceptable choice as it takes the life of an innocent and completely vulnerable human being.  There are other options—which may not always be easy—but nonetheless morally acceptable. ~Fr. John