Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
The Rosary Walk (St. Jude):  we are pleased to tell you about the new Rosary Walk that is around the gazebo.  It is an Eagle Scout project, done very nicely, by Dalton McCarty.  The area within the walk will eventually be mulched (rather than grass) and planted with some flowering bushes or ornamentals that will remain small in size. With Dalton, the Knights of Columbus have been a great help (and source of financing) for some of the finishing touches.  Many thanks to both Dalton and our Knights.

Parishioners are always welcome to bring the family to sit in the gazebo, pray the Rosary together, or walk the beads on the new Rosary Walk, or Living Rosary as some may refer to it.  There is also a swing (for gentle swinging only) in the gazebo that two can enjoy while praying the Rosary together.

We will want to hire a new maintenance person, certainly before next school year, but much sooner, should we be able to find someone.  Cory, who had been with us for some years now, has made a career change to work in the manufacturing market. We thank him for his years of service here and wish him well in his future work. He will also be helping with coaching at Marian HS.
The position is ideal for anyone who may want to consider a second job after retirement from something else.  Please pass the word around and help us/you find a good person to help maintain our campus.  Concern for the parish is something that is all our work.  Staff are merely administrators for our parish.  The days of the pastor running the show have been a myth for a long time now! LOL. That’s why we hire good people, competent people, for important positions.  I’m not a business manager nor a principal, nor a buildings and grounds maintenance person, nor a musician.  Much must be entrusted to those well-trained for the varied positions that must be filled in any parish. Your help in finding such people is always important.
Seminarian, Deacon:  We are pleased to announce that as of Memorial Day Weekend, we will have at St. Jude Parish, a newly ordained Deacon assigned to us for the bulk of the summer months.  Since I cannot yet announce his name, he will be introduced to you at Masses on the holiday weekend. Please welcome him and congratulate him on his Ordination to the (transitional) Diaconate as he continues towards Priesthood in June of 2023.~Fr. John