Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
Thanks to those who showed concern after my auto accident of this past week (someone turned in front of me as I was passing through an intersection) with phone calls, texts and e-mails from friends who cared.  It is always nice to know how much friends do care, though sometimes the events of life that become the occasion of such are not always that great.  All is well though and following up with some therapy on neck and back.
A quote that came up just recently, regarding our tendency to look upon ourselves for our sins or mistakes, or shortcomings of life (which we ALL have), comes from       St. John Paul II, which goes something like this:  You are not the sum of your sins, you are the capacity with which God made you—all that you were created to be!  Maybe not the exact quote, but close in thought and understanding.  You may want to post it on your bathroom mirror where you are reminded often.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to all who seek to express love to others by words, actions, thoughtfulness, and support in times of need; who know how to love in good times and in bad, sickness and health. . . .well you know well how the vows are worded.

While I know many are not reading the bulletin these days as much as would be helpful, I would like to once again make strong my urging to “update your pictures and information” to Carol, our parish secretary, or Mary Ann, the same, for our On-Line Pictorial Directory.  It is a great source to parishioners and parish staff if this information, pictures, phone numbers, e-mails, are all up-to-date. 

If you are truly a bona fide member of the parish and wish to be considered so when in need of parish services, please make the effort to provide our offices with your updates for the directory.  It may mean a new picture too as a number of those presently on-line and in the directory include loved ones who have passed away or children who have moved from the home.  It is SO helpful to staff to be able to quickly put a face with a name when your call in or when the hospital calls or more sadly, the funeral home.  There are those who simply come in and go out from week to week (when attending Mass in person) and with little more than a quick hello, if that, and who are not involved much, and as a result are largely unknown to the parish family.  Often they are the same ones who say, “It is an unfriendly parish” or, “Father doesn’t seem to know me.”  Relationships are a two-way street (smile).~Fr. John