Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
I spent part of an hour recently. . .just going through the Christmas cards that I had received, taking time to re-read some of the lovely letters or notes that catch the recipient up on the past year’s events with a family.  There are GREAT pictures too that make up some of the cards; always fun to see.  Some people never seem to age though! Not fair.

In seeing a few pics, I thought, I bet the one chosen for the card was from among several and maybe one of those or the one for the card would be perfect as an “update” to the On-Line Parish Directory, which I would hope all members look at from time to time, and update as needed (or send updating information to Carol in the Parish Office) who will then make the necessary corrections.
Send a new pic?  If still the one I took of many as they passed by in the lobby, your update is likely a much nicer picture!  Easy enough to do, please consider updating your on-line entry!
By now, some of you have gotten at least your first shot for Covid and are scheduled for the second.   Eventually, I hope, it will allow many to return to church.  I look forward to seeing you in the pew again! Covid protocol will still be in place for the time being as a necessary pre-caution.
With a new music director beginning and shots being given, I hope we can soon be back to singing in church! ~Fr. John
N.B.  The COVID 19 vaccination is now available for Indiana residents ages 70 and older.  You can register now for an appointment by going to the Indiana State Department Vaccine web site or by calling 211.