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My apologies for my mistake and that we didn’t catch it in editing my notes from last week.  The Wilkeson’s who have helped in so many ways, and most recently with decorating the church (St. Jude’s) over the past several years, spell their last name as above, not as I had misspelled it (in the way similar to my friends’ last name).  We should always be careful to spell people’s names correctly.  I try to do so, but now and then one slips past me.

If you are reading the bulletin before you leave church this weekend, and want help with signing up for your Covid shot, there are people in the lobby of St. Jude who will help you do so. 

I’m told that in St. Joe County, they are booking into February already, but if you don’t mind driving to Elkhart General Hospital or Plymouth hospital, you may be able to get in earlier, depending on how fast those are filling up at the time of this reading. 

I’m also told that a few people, if having a reaction, are having it with the second shot, though it is not one where you can get the flu as it is NOT a live virus.  To help avoid the possibility of any reaction, I was told by an RN to “pre-medicate” the day or so beforehand and maybe through the day of the shot by taking Motrin or an Ibuprofen.  Simple enough!
Remember, getting the shot is helping others beyond yourself insofar as all our safety goes.  It is not just about you.  Christ reminds us to put others first.  Get the shot(s)! I too seem to have a pretty good immune system, as I’ve been out and about ever since this began, and remained Covid-free.  Maybe my immune system, maybe just darn lucky or blessed, but that is not a reason NOT to get the shot once available to me, and so I did so. I feel more safe to be around others who may need my presence, which is as much about why as for my own safety. ~Fr. John

N.B.  The COVID 19 vaccination is now available for Indiana residents ages 80 and older.  You can register now for an appointment by going to the Indiana State Department Vaccine web site or by calling 211.