Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
Michael Weisser (Lisa) is home from hospital and has made it through Covid.  As some of you may know, he has been on oxygen for several years now.  If at St. Jude, you would see him coming to Mass and to Communion with one of the travel oxygen bags over his shoulder. He wants to thank the many who are part of the Prayer Line, and others of the parish who would have been faithfully praying for his recovery.  He was very pleased with his care when in hospital and Lisa said he received three drugs to help him get through the Covid and knock it out.  Doing well and back home!  Prayers make a difference and they certainly were appreciated by this recipient!

Speaking of Covid, I have now lost two Fort Wayne friends to the illness and one former parishioner from Goshen, so it has been close to home, as they say.  Many have weathered through it that both you and I know, I’m sure.  We continue to pray that for them there are no long-range effects, as they say can be a part of the illness. 
Our churches are still open and we have very good reason to hold fast to our need to be open.  In part it is because we do all we can to maintain a safe environment and no cases are linked to “attending church” in our diocese.  Your continued cooperation is part of how we have been so fortunate.  Follow the rules, please, and know that in doing so you are a blessing to all who want to be able to attend Church—keeping our doors open!

Our bulletin editor, Mary Ann, reminds us in the office that the company who prints the bulletins wants all copies “in” to them early-on in December.  Seems odd; I do not recall that necessity in the past, but at any rate; lest I miss the opportunity to say so, I want to (on behalf of our office and staff) wish each and all of you a very blessed season of Advent preparation for the Holy Season of Christmas.  May yours be happy, healthy, blessed, and all that it is meant to be in our Catholic Christian tradition.  It is not about parties, cookies, decorations or over-spending; it is about God’s love for us, such that he sent his only begotten Son into the world to bring salvation to you and me, and a long-waiting world.  Hold on to that truth and your faith in it through this otherwise busy season ahead. ~Fr. John