Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
Our Lady of the Road:  Thanks to all who may have found some wonderful bargains on underclothing to be given to the homeless who visit Our Lady of the Road.  Also, for the many cash donations that will be directed for the purpose of buying the basics for the needy coming in to the facility.  
Tis the season!  It has already begun when it comes to the needs of the poor, especially with the cold weather on its way.

It seems that there have been more than usual families connected to the parishes (direct or extended family) who have had either illness, loss of work, or deaths within the family,   If you are aware of some of these members, please keep them in prayer and, in general, offer prayers for them in their struggles, losses and bereavement.  Some too are facing “first holidays” without loved ones and will appreciate being remembered in prayer as they face the emptiness that comes with loss.

Bereavement:  If you are not already aware, St. Jude Parish DOES have a group that meets every other week for those experiencing bereavement, regardless of the number of years since the loss of the loved one.  Call the office for more information, or contact Mary Morgan or Rebecca Laurent. Members from either Sacred Heart or St. Jude are most welcome, as ALWAYS with anything either parish offers by way of ministry.
Thanks (again) to Terry Kubiak and his two sons who have recently done a big end-of-season clean up to the grounds, cutting back many bushes, raking up beds and debris, and will still try to catch any remaining leaves, weather still permitting.  While they are our contracted service, they also donate a great amount of time and materials that go beyond what the parish pays for.  Be sure to tell Terry how much you appreciate how nice the grounds are kept.  It’s a BIG job, to be sure.    

Sneezes, sniffles, coughs, sinus infections, and MORE!  If you are not feeling well and especially if you are contagious, it is best to remain at home.  If you are coming to church and on the mend, still best to simply “speak” a sign of peace to your neighbor in church (they will understand and even be grateful), and not take from the Communion chalice.  
For those helping with the distribution of Communion, I’m happy to have a container of hand sanitizer (at St. Jude) on the back shelf in the sanctuary where the Missal and stand usually sit, which is on the same side that ministers come up to receive Communion themselves before distributing to others.  I’ll also have Fran send out a reminder to the various Extraordinary Ministers via the group E-mail.  Ladies carrying purses, you can also carry a small hand sanitizer in your purse and simply use it before approaching the altar. You may find that more convenient.  Something similar can be arranged for Sacred Heart and Mary Ann or Father Julius can explain where it will be conveniently placed. Various members have commented that they have seen this offered in other parishes they visit, most especially during the cold and flu season.
- Fr. John