Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
Members from St. Jude Parish:  by the time you read this bulletin article you will have already been asked to make a pledge as to what you will contribute to your parish weekly, in support of your parish’s ministries.  However, if you didn’t make a pledge or increase your weekly gift, I’d request you consider another option which is fair and just and will support the good work of our parish. We can only do what you make possible or believe in enough to support. 
In my comments of last weekend, along with asking for you to make a prayerful pledge, and an increase (if possible) of what you have given. I suggested that you consider putting the parish in your estate plan. As Christians we begin and end our lives in faith and during our lifetime, demonstrate our faith as active members of our parish. We celebrate, grow, struggle, and mourn in our community of faith.  In that context, there could be no better place to consider our own mortality and the legacy we would like to leave at the end of our lives.  Bequests and other planned gifts are really the ultimate demonstration of our stewardship commitment.

As with one family in our parish has done, make the church an equal among your children.  Your children won’t suffer because you chose to share their inheritance with your church.  You will still leave them a loving remembrance, but just share a portion of it with the Church you believed was so meaningful to your life throughout your life.  

Our parish receives very few estate gifts and that has been true over her many years.  As parish leadership (Finance Council, Pastors, ancillary staff) we have been remiss in asking every member to consider a gift to the church in your estate plan.  The good news is that through the establishment of the St Jude Legacy Society, 21 individuals stepped forward and stated they have left St Jude Parish in their estate plans.   There is no reason why everyone cannot do so.

If you will consider such a gift, don’t just make it a wishful thought; rather, follow through in the next week or so with your estate planner or your attorney (with a codicil to your present Will).  If you do not have an attorney for such needs, we have several in our parish, along with estate planners, who we can confidently recommend to you.  

Music and Concert Series, in church at St. Jude: 
 Abraham will be coordinating a number of concerts for the benefit of the parish and any guests who wish to attend.  The first will be next Sunday, October 14, at 4 p.m.  I hope you will mark this down on your calendars and plan to attend. Parents, bring children, especially if your child has shown an interest in children’s choir.  Parishioners, bring your neighbors and friends or extended family.
We will be privileged to have with us as part of this first concert (all sacred music) a musician from St. Olaf’s College (one of the top in the country for a music education program).  Abe himself was a graduate of St. Olaf’s.  Also, the Sister from the Franciscan Convent (Dragoon Trail) who leads the Sister’s choir was an “Ole” too and she is bringing the Sisters Choir from the Mount to join us in song that day.  They will have several pieces of their own to share as well as sing with other pieces that are planned by Abe and guest organist from St. Olaf’s.  It should    be an outstanding prayerful experience.  How graced we are to have the Sisters with us too for this special afternoon concert!  I heard them sing recently on a day of Solemn Professions of several Sisters and they were exceptionally good, which is what spurred Abe and I to invite them to come be our guests here at St. Jude.     

-Fr. John