Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana

Recent Parish News...

Heather DeLuceney: We are pleased to announce Heather joining our staff, and holding the position of Faith Formation Director for the parish and school. She will be preparing our children for sacraments as well as teaching Religion in the school, primarily in Junior High, as well as coordinating our Religious Education program for students not in our school. Heather is a Notre Dame (M.A Theology) and Marian High School graduate who comes highly recommended by (diocesan Secretariat for Catholic Education) Carl Loesch as well as Fr. Bill Sullivan, formerly pastor at St. Thomas Parish in Elkhart. 

Fr. Bill has known Heather's family since Heather was a child and Heather's Mom has been the Director of Religious Education at St. Thomas for many years.  There will be many opportunities for school families and parish to meet Heather in the weeks and months to come and to her too, we trust you will give her a hearty St. Jude welcome.  She's a lovely, down-to-earth young woman with much to offer the parish.

A New Music/liturgy Director for St. Jude Parish: to begin August 1st.  His name is Trevis Young.  He comes to us from a good background of practical experience, though he is not Catholic.  ALL who were part of the interview process agree that Trevis' not being Catholic will not hinder his ability in any manner. 

In our choosing someone for this position, there were several concerns brought to us from parish members that we carefully considered in the process.  I can assure you that we did so and we feel very confident that those concerns will be met in the style, music selections, etc., that Trevis will be providing/selecting.  I'm sure he would always be open to and happy to receive any constructive and kind feedback from parishioners as he begins to feel at home here.

Since Trevis' wife is a St. Mary’s College professor, new homeowners in the city and with children of their own, we hope he will be with us for a much longer period of time than when we have worked with ND grad students who we know most often move on after graduation.

Trevis will work more with Emerson during the week, the students (and especially once again creating a children's choral group for weekend Masses), along with some other creative ideas of how to build our current choir and maybe also create added opportunities for parishioners who may enjoy singing but cannot make the commitment to year-round choir. 

We are very excited about his enthusiasm, his very upbeat personality, and he comes with wonderful recommendations from his former pastor/church of employment, "Our loss is definitely your gain", we were told, which came with so many more positive comments.

Please help Heather and Trevis feel at home and part of our St. Jude's family.

- Fr. John