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Valentine's Day marks the first day of this great Season of Lent--Hear, Hear, all you chocolate lovers!!!

Lightness aside, it is a wonderful season of 40 days to ponder on Christ's mission here on earth, a mission that had its culmination on the cross at Calvary, but the Triumph on the Sunday afterwards.  These 40 Days are truly a beautiful time to ponder the meaning of this mystery as well as to search for ways to become the person God created us to be.  My recommendation is to just find one book and stick with it.  If reading is hard for you, choose a short one, divide the pages by 40 and set a goal to read that number of pages daily.   This week I will be displaying several books on the library table and I hope that you find one that will draw you closer to God.  God bless you in the coming weeks, and always.

-Sara Mauro, Volunteer Librarian