Sacred Heart of Jesus Church - Serving the Communities of South Bend and Lakeville, Indiana
PASTORAL CHANGES TAKING PLACE: As was announced in church this last weekend,Fr. Julius will be reassigned by Bishop to St. Theresa Little Flower Parish as of mid-June, Fr. Terry returning to Fort Wayne as a pastor at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish. Of course, there will be other changes forthcoming and announced, likely in Today’s Catholic this week. 
Fr. Gregory Abuya, from Fr. Julius’ diocese in Nigeria, will be assigned to us (last I heard from Bishop) to help in our parishes, primarily Sacred Heart of Jesus.  With so many changes taking place for the two parishes this year, I hope to be more available to each parish to provide good transitions as much as I may be of help to that process.  I’m sure Fr. Gregory will be a good choice, Fr. Julius seemed to know him and express confidence. 
For Fr. Julius, I think this may be the first time he has been a pastor and with the size of Little Flower, he will be jumping in with both feet.  Since there is no school there, it will be a bit easier, but no doubt their Religious Education program will be of good size.  With his wonderful education and ability to relate so well with people, I have every confidence too that he will do very well and not be overwhelmed.  Youth is on his side!  I can remember those days! It’s a different energy level. 

We will be planning a reception for Fr. Julius, likely the weekend before he leaves. All will be invited, of course, from either parish; to be held at Sacred Heart’s Parish Center. An old-fashioned potluck might be nice, but I will let that determination be made by the planners.  We are overdue for a parish gathering and enjoyment of visiting with one another.  Just sorry Father’s leaving must be the occasion.  He will be missed very much.
Our principal search continues and, if the applicants are any indication, we have every confidence (too) that we will be blessed with a good person soon.  Our worry as we interview is knowing that we are not the only parish in search, so our favored choice may not choose us!  Keep the process in your prayers, being sincere in that commitment, please. Fortunately, those interviewing all have a very deep regard for Catholic education and the Church. 

THIS PAST WEEKEND: I was down for the count.  I can’t recall the last time I have been ill in any way other than a common cold or sniffle, but I seem to have contracted a intestinal bug that had me down from Friday and into Sunday.  I’ll be happy to wait another 20 years or more for that to happen again.  Thanks to Fr. Michael Driscoll, who, retired from his work at ND, is more available these days to fill in on short notice.  (I only mention because there are those who think every time I am away for any reason, that I’m on vacation, and they ask the silly question, “How was your vacation, Father?”  It was NO vacation or picnic!  If it’s making the rounds, pray you do not get it.~Fr. John
The Sacred Heart Adult Ed Class will meet this Tuesday, May 18,1:30 - 3:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. Perhaps you would like to join our group?!  Let the Spirit be your Guide!

~ Tom Padberg & Gene LaViolette
We have not received word as yet as to when the Bishop’s dispensation will be rescinded for not being required to attend Sunday Mass by ALL Catholics.  Some dioceses are looking to Pentecost as the return date, but I imagine it will be at the discretion of each Bishop and according to the areas around the country and how the virus varies from place to place.  Where people have been more fully vaccinated as being asked to do, the virus is less an issue than in areas where people have not cared enough to cooperate with this nationwide request for the good of all people.~Fr.John
The Altar & Rosary Sodality has their annual Holiday Decor Garage Sale in the Fall and would be grateful for any donations!  Whether you’re down-sizing, having your own garage sale or just doing regular spring cleaning, if you have “stuff”** to donate bring it to the church and put it in the Hall or the church basement after the Mass you attend OR call Anne Orlowski (289-6038) and she’ll arrange for pick-up! 

** Unfortunately we are not able to accept large furniture or large appliances as we do not have space to store them. We do not accept any clothing, shoes and or mattresses and box springs.
Our annual May Crowning of Mary will be on Mother's Day, May 9th during the 10:00 a.m. Mass. All children at this Mass will have an opportunity to take a flower up to Mary.