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My apologies for my mistake and that we didn’t catch it in editing my notes from last week.  The Wilkeson’s who have helped in so many ways, and most recently with decorating the church (St. Jude’s) over the past several years, spell their last name as above, not as I had misspelled it (in the way similar to my friends’ last name).  We should always be careful to spell people’s names correctly.  I try to do so, but now and then one slips past me.

If you are reading the bulletin before you leave church this weekend, and want help with signing up for your Covid shot, there are people in the lobby of St. Jude who will help you do so. 

I’m told that in St. Joe County, they are booking into February already, but if you don’t mind driving to Elkhart General Hospital or Plymouth hospital, you may be able to get in earlier, depending on how fast those are filling up at the time of this reading. 

I’m also told that a few people, if having a reaction, are having it with the second shot, though it is not one where you can get the flu as it is NOT a live virus.  To help avoid the possibility of any reaction, I was told by an RN to “pre-medicate” the day or so beforehand and maybe through the day of the shot by taking Motrin or an Ibuprofen.  Simple enough!
Remember, getting the shot is helping others beyond yourself insofar as all our safety goes.  It is not just about you.  Christ reminds us to put others first.  Get the shot(s)! I too seem to have a pretty good immune system, as I’ve been out and about ever since this began, and remained Covid-free.  Maybe my immune system, maybe just darn lucky or blessed, but that is not a reason NOT to get the shot once available to me, and so I did so. I feel more safe to be around others who may need my presence, which is as much about why as for my own safety. ~Fr. John

N.B.  The COVID 19 vaccination is now available for Indiana residents ages 80 and older.  You can register now for an appointment by going to the Indiana State Department Vaccine web site or by calling 211.

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Join us for this Catholic speaker series for young adults               in their 20s & 30s, single and married, to share in food,            fellowship, and faith!

Series Theme: Who Is My Neighbor?
January 19 – Economic Solidarity – Margie Pfeil
January 26 – Religious Solidarity – John Pinter
February 2 – Earth Our Common Home – Shawn Storer
February 9 – Racial Solidarity – Eric Styles
February 16 – Mardi Gras! (6:00pm at St. Pius X, Granger)
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If you are a regular usher/lector, attend any of the weekend Masses and are willing to usher or lector, please volunteer on the sheets posted on the bulletin board. Be sure to state which Mass you prefer. Thank you! Mary Ann Padberg
I’m a bit behind on trying to keep up on “Notes” for your benefit, but am only hoping that all parishioners are reading the bulletin, at least on-line, if not able to come to either church in person.  Please, make every effort to stay up on parish(s) news each week, as for many, it is our only way of reaching you at this time.

In Trying to Reach Everyone. . . who have been so kind as to send Christmas cards, lovely notes, updates on family vis-a-vis Christmas letters, and gift remembrances that take many forms: from delicious delights, gift cards to keep the car in gas for weeks to come, and generous amounts to put (maybe) on a little get-away to warmer climates sometime after Christmas, to each and all, Sodalities, teachers and staff, and not least of all, parishioners, THANKS SO MUCH! 

It was truly an “odd” Christmas in that I was not be able to see or visit with, if even just in passing as they came and went from Church, the great number of parishioners and extended families home for the holidays.  COVID is taking its toll on mental and spiritual health in some ways too.  We all miss seeing so many that we would normally see and visit with, and that makes me sad.  But it’s also the season that reminds us that, with God, in all things, hope springs eternal!  Looking forward to this New Year and one less traumatic on all of us. 
But, for all the goodness that always is, especially in good people and kind people, and generous people, blessings to all!

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS:    to both parish teams who did the decorating for this Advent/Christmas Season, I wish to once again express my sincere thanks to you for all your hard work.  With the short window for getting Christmas decorations “up”, I know it takes time away from your own families, home-decorating, and personal holiday preparations, but what you do for the parish(s) is both remarkable and beautiful, and so much appreciated.  I always hope others in the parish tell you the same, in their gratitude to you for your gift of time and talent.

At St. Jude Parish this year, helping Ellen and Gene Wilkensen, were the Scott and Charlene Weber family.  Both work full-time otherwise, Charlene one of our own grade school teachers who have all been so greatly stressed this semester with all the Covid necessities regarding teaching, still quickly said “Yes” to my asking if she would have an interest in helping with decorating.  “Ask a busy person if you want something done!”  Nothing much changes in life in that way, no matter how many years since someone wisely created that old saying!  As always, everything was beautiful and each year seems to add something new that we did not see in past years.  Vincent Daniels helped again too, and tweaked the manger scene to accommodate the newly added screens above in the corners of the church.  The manger itself was his artistic creation and continues to be our traditional stable scene ever since.
At St. Jude’s too, we are pleased to once again have in the foyer the beautiful three-piece nativity figures of the Holy Family, from (former) St. Mary’s Parish.  A lovely Fontanini set.  If we had more matching pieces, we could alternate it inside the church in future years too.

At Sacred Heart, we thank Marilyn Miller and her team of very devoted women (and in recent years, men and children), who helped enhance the beauty of the church for Christmas. The love they put into their work is evident, as the outcome helps add color to what would otherwise have been a 'dull Christmas.'

We also thank the Lectors, Ushers and servers who volunteered during the Christmas liturgies. Their readiness to step in when the need arose is greatly appreciated. 

MUSIC DIRECTOR:  A word of thanks to Lisa DeLorenzo and her family for singing Christmas Carols at Sacred Heart. Fr. Julius said it was amazing to see three generations of one family singing carols; it was pure joy!  Thanks to Betsie and her husband as well for helping to make Christmas Eve so special.  And thanks to Diane Bowersox for her continued music ministry not only at the Christmas Day Masses but  at the Sacred Heart 8:00 Sunday Masses. 

We are saying a little prayer that Lisa will want to stay on; please encourage her to consider doing so, folks. Originally, she came to fill-in and get us through when Abe and Emily returned to Michigan where he is continuing his studies.
 At St. Jude Parish, we are pleased to announce a new full-time music director, Bryan Finkelstein, who was most recently with St. Anthony’s Parish.  He comes with great recommendations from their members as well as some friends from Queen of Peace, where he had been director in the past.  We hope this move to a local person, with great music skills and credentials will be one that is lasting for us for some years to come.  He is eager to work with students as well as the choir and cantors, and to help build the music program here in the years ahead. 

We have been blessed with some amazing talent from ND students these past years and it has allowed us to stay within a budget amount we can afford, since they were, for the most part, part-time.  We are grateful to them for their willingness, ongoing, to fill-in when we have need too.  Many thanks to the recent students: Benton, David, and Roshan.  While the first two will graduate at the end of this new semester, Roshan will be continuing studies at ND for at least another year-and-a-half, so we will no doubt continue to see him from time to time and enjoy his immense talent as pianist/organist. Bryan looks forward to keeping a good relationship with ND students and maybe will be able to continue to offer some added music concerts that involve students.
Living locally too, Bryan has a realistic understanding and expectation of what local parishes can offer by way of salary, which will help us to stay within budget. 
Speaking of budget: so much depends on the members of the parish being faithful to their own support of the parish on a weekly basis, regardless of the restrictions that some have chosen to follow for their own safety or that of extended family members by being more virtual members for weekend Masses.
These are difficult times for many families and some have been more greatly effected by Covid cut-backs in jobs, but we must remember that if we want a parish and school to be here for the future, it necessitates ALL members to do their part in the meantime. That’s not a “money talk” either, just common sense speaking to us all.~Fr. John
All the snow and ice may have kept you from noticing the brand new metal roof on the Social Hall. It was installed before Christmas and will keep the kitchen below it nice and dry. No more leaks! This was made possible with your donations to the Building Fund!

At the beginning of 2020, when you were asked to increase your Building Fund donations, you did so generously. Please, if possible, keep contributing. As in your home, the need for up-keep on the buildings continues.

We especially want to thank Nick Kenkel for spear-heading this project.
Thank You to all who participated in this wonderful Christmas project.